Charles P. Wright's Masqdialer server web page is here
The following is taken from that page and describes the server:
The masqdialer system is designed to provide easily accessible control of multiple dialout modem connections to the members of a LAN using IP Masquerade for their internet connectivity. The server utilizes standard dialing tools to make the connection (such as pppd and chat) to make the connection so you can easily setup the server to use your existing scripts. The system is a client/server design, so as long as a client can be written for a particular platform, that platform can take advantage of masqdialer's offerings. The masqdialer daemon runs on the linux machine, and upon an authorized client request, carries out the user's request.

The reason for me writing this program was because I use KDE2.x and there were no good clients available that matched the desktop. Up until I started writing this client I had been using the GMasqdialer client which was very good, but did not match my desktop, and did not dock into the KDE system tray.

KMasqDialer is a client for the Masqdialer server. It is designed to run on KDE2.x and QT2.x. The latest versaion of KMasqDialer (2.05) will run on KDE3/QT3.


The latest version of KMasqDialer is 2.05.
Use the following links to download KMasqDialer:

First release of the KDE3 version of KMasqdialer is kmasqdialer-2.05.tar.gz (507Kb)
Third release of the KDE2 version of KMasqdialer is kmasqdialer-2.04.tar.gz (321.8Kb)
Second release of the KDE2 version of KMasqdialer is kmasqdialer-2.03.tar.gz (321.0Kb)
First release of the KDE2 version of KMasqdialer is kmasqdialer-2.02.tar.gz (320.9Kb)

The change log can be found here

If you find any bugs in the program then email me.

The Masqdialer server can be downloaded here.


To install KMasqDialer use the following commands:
# tar zxpvf kmasqdialer-x.x.tar.gz
Where x.x is the version number.
# cd kmasqdialer-x.x
# ./configure
# make
# su root
# make install

This should install KMasqDialer to the default KDE directories, and add itself to the K menu in the sub menu 'Internet'.
To run KMasqDialer from the command line simply type
# kmasqdialer


This is a screenshot of the system tray icon.

This is a screenshot of the main window.

This is a screenshot of the configuration dialog